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The Mercedes-Benz name is synonymous with quality engineering the world over. And, the Sprinter is Mercedes’ latest engineering marvel. It’s designed to be tough, reliable and economical to operate in a variety of conditions from tight city streets and neighborhoods to twisting rural roads.

At the heart of the Sprinter is the Mercedes-Benz 5-cylinder Turbocharged CDI diesel engine (common rail direct injection). It’s a proven performer that combines all of the benefits of diesel — like economy and engine lifespan — with the smooth performance and torque of a gasoline-powered engine. Standard oil change intervals have been increased to 10,000 miles average.

The Sprinter is a sophisticated piece of essential business equipment. Mechanical systems are controlled by multiple electronic units on a CAN-BUS network. Combined with a computerized memory system that detects and reports errors in the system, problems are easy to diagnose and fix.

Engineering feats like these are all designed to keep you on the road longer for a smaller long-term investment, and to make a ride in a Sprinter van safe and comfortable for drivers, passengers and cargo.

For too long, there has been too little choice in the commercial van market. The Freightliner Sprinter changes all that.

Why Diesel?