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Freightliner is a legend in the trucking business. The company was started in 1942 by Leland James, owner of Consolidated Freightways, because the kind of vehicles he needed to operate at maximum efficiency. James and his Freightliner team of engineers designed the first practical all-aluminum Cab-over-engine heavy-duty truck — a model that proved successful for his growing trucking business.

Over the past six decades, Freightliner has earned a reputation for continuous innovation backed by legendary support. Freightliner boasts North America’s largest truck dealer network and a sophisticated customer service system designed to keep commercial operators on the road longer.

With its introduction of the Sprinter in the U.S., Freightliner now offers a full range of commercial vehicles from the Class 2 Sprinter passenger and cargo vans to its Class 8 heavy-duty product line.

Freightliner offers customers the resources and power to make a difference to their business; while its customer-first philosophy ensures that every customer is treated like the only customer.